Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Starry night.

I took my husband out on a 'date' last night.

I surprised him with a visit to the Sydney Observatory. Neither of us had been there before. We were so lucky as the weather last night was perfect, not a cloud in the sky!

First they took us into the 3D room where we watched three short videos about space. The first was the best as it put all the planets side by side to show their comparative sizes. It went beyond our solar system and showed some massive stars and what appeared to be other 'suns' that we so much larger than the sun. Actually, to be honest, the whole size thing was hard to comprehend!

Then we were taken to the southern telescope. Through this we were able to see Alpha Centauri. I have searched through 'Google Images' to find images that are similar to what we saw through the telescopes.

We then looked at Crux, more specifically Beta Crux (the second brightest star of the Crux constalation). Here we saw the Jewel Box.

We then moved to the northern telescope. This was the most exciting part, the tour leader told us we would be looking at Saturn!!! I was so excited but I was worried about how clear it would be. Would we even be able to see the ring? The tour leader set up the telescope and had a look through. He said it looked good and that we could also see one of Saturns moon Titan. I found this image on the web and this is very very close to what we saw. It was this clear and just above the planet was a very bright light which was the moon.

So cool!

On a different note, I am watching the Washington subway train footage on our news program. For my US readers, I hope none of you have loved ones involved, and that they are able to rescue all quickly and save as many as they can. My thoughts are with them.

Sam xox


  1. How very interesting. I love the constellations, I could lay out on a blanket at night and watch the sky forever. Jay bought a telescope years ago and got the kids hooked on it too. I think we are both just big kids 8>) I hope you get to do it again. Dates are neat things.

  2. Your date must have been very interesting. Friends of ours have a powerful telescope and looking through it is fasinating. I can't get my mind around the space thing either. Patricia

  3. That sounds like a wonderful evening. I love to look at the stars. When we were kids my brother always had to show me where the Little Dipper was. Now when I look at the stars I think of him and I still miss him.

  4. Sounds like a great date! Good for you.

  5. Oh, your date sounds like a ton of fun. I haven't been to a planetarium in years. I enjoyed it and hope to one day take Sydney so she can get a closer look at the stars than she does when we walk early in the morning. Jamie was lucky you took him out for such a good time. Lane

  6. Your date really sounded like fun. Hummm I am tempted to tell you to get your head out of the stars. That's what my mom used to tell me all the time but I don't think it had anything to do with stars in the sky. I'm kinda into the `sky-watching' too. There is nothing like having a child look at the moon with all it's craters for the first time thru a scope. Sadly, we have an planetarium within 10 miles of us and I have never been there. Might have to change that!!
    Keep up the good work.