Monday, August 17, 2009

Michelle's first quilt.

Michelle is making a quilt!

After looking through countless books and magazines in the Kelly Quilting Library, she came across a 'crazy patchwork' quit that she loved. There are 25 8" blocks in this quilt, and each block is foundation paper pieced using the block pattern below.

The quilt is called "Victorian Wedding" and is based on the old tradition of making a quilt from precious lace and fabrics as a wedding gift. Well, we just liked the style!

Jamie seemed slightly distressed that he now had more than one woman quilting in his house!

Michelle began constructing her first block...

She was a pro on the sewing machine!

And at using scissors!

And here is what she achieved in a few short hours!

Aren't they beautiful!

This quilt is sure going to be a beauty!

Congrats on beginning your first quilt Michelle!

Sam xox

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  1. Another convert to the love of quilting! you go. Love your quilt as well, but am reading posts from newest to oldest so posting here. See ya! Lane