Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooking, crocheting, and crafting.

I have been a busy lady these past few days. It began on Sunday morning. Michelle had slept over and we were sitting chatting over a cup of tea while rain poured down outside. We were joking around and I was quite dramatically explaining to her that my style had officially changed after last weeks vintage shopping experiences. I informed her that I would now be decorating my house eclectically, with a combination of English vintage, Cottage, and French styles. Ha!

Well, Michelle lamented how she didn't have a style either (are you getting a picture of how board we were being locked up indoors?) and we proceeded to google away until we found an interior decorating style that was her.

It's now official, Michelle's style is "Modern French" and she didn't even realise. Dark timber furniture, cream/white carpets, walls and furnishings.... yes very French.

I am sure by now you are wondering where on earth I am going with all of this. Well, to hold true to my newly discovered eclectic style I decided my loungeroom cushions needed a make over!

Michelle and I headed to Spotlight Sunday afternoon to see what we could find there. Now, Spotlight is a store in Australia that is a massive homecrafts store. It is pretty mass produced and often it is hard to find fabrics that are not nasty to the eye. I was very excited when I came across two fabrics I loved! One was a beautiful ticking with dark cream and browny-green stripes, the other a very thickly woven burgundy and gold design.

I took them home and this is what I made... (one ticking cushion is missing from this picture).

Luckily I have plenty of the burgundy fabric left, so I am trying to think of something else to do with it...

I visited a thrift store on Monday, and I came across two gems.

The first was a tiny square cushion in wedgewood blue and white. It had some stains on it, so they were selling it for $3, but I took the risk. After a soak in stain remover and a wash, it is as good as new.

It has the most beautiful hand quilting detail on it.

The second gem was this gorgeous crochet blanket. Now I have tried and tried to crochet, but all my squares, well, it would not be polite to describe to you what they really turn out like :-)

This blanket was only $6 and in perfect condition.

I thought you might like a closer look.

Now for the Cooking part of this blog. Two weeks ago I ordered Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 and 2 by Julia Child from eBay for super cheap. I was so excited when my little parcel arrived today to find the Volume 2 book had arrived (still waiting on V1 to arrive). The book is great, perfect condition, beautiful cover, except for one small detail.... the seller forgot to mention that the book is only 8 inches tall! Magnifying glass anyone???

It does have super cute diagrams though :-)

Sam xox


  1. I must say that your pillows are super cute and just my style. That crochet afagan is wonderful and someone put a lot of time in on that, it is lovely.

  2. Your cushions look great. Your $6 blanket is lovely, a great find. I'm not much good at crochet either, prefer knitting.

  3. You have some great finds there! Whoever made that little pillow and crochet blanket would be so pleased that someone who loves it now has posession of them. I laughed at your 8 inch book.

  4. Lovely finds hon! Can't wait to see them in person!

  5. Love your gems and Prada too!!! Happy sewing, Daniëlle