Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day.

10 reasons why I am grateful my mother is my mother...

1) Mum has a great sense of humor! We can laugh together over the most random of things.

2) Mum is very kind. For the past decade she has been working in Aged Care, making sure the needs of the elderly are met in all aspects of their lives.

3) Mum is a hard worker. She has held a job all of her life, with the only exception being a short break to have children.

4) Mum has integrity. She never lies to others or says things to make her life easier, she is honest and sincere in all situations.

5) We have the same taste in vintage china.

6) Mum is English, which qualifies me for a British passport.

7) Mum is a very loyal friend. She has a close circle of friends who she keeps in contact with regularly and supports whenever she can.

8) Mum loves her family. She is always the first to remember to send a card, make a call, organise a dinner, or remember an important date.

9) Mum is so strong. You would not believe some of the challenges she has had to face, especially these last 6 months. Mum always comes through challenges even stronger than before. Her resilience and determination is a precious quality.

10) The tenth reason is that she calls herself my Mum every day :-)

I love you Mum.

Sam xox

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  1. Very nice Sam. Your mother sounds like a great woman.