Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting outcome.

I had a great time with Mel on Saturday. She had some great art books and tips that helped me a lot. My flower paintings were not good. I had trouble with blending the colours in both water colour paints and pastels. I need more practice.

Mel had two books that show you step-by-step how to achieve different outcomes with water colour paints and pastels.

I will show you two of the pieces I made:

Winter Forest - Using soft pastels and paper.
Artistic lesson from this piece: Use correct paper. Soft pastels smudge.

Landscape Scene - Water colour paint.
Artistic lesson from this piece: water colour paints require loads of patients!

Sam xox


  1. I like the first one, the texture of the paper is interesting. Drawing/Painting is so much harder than one things, there is so much to know and learn. Good for you for taking the time to hone another way to express your creativity. cw

  2. Those are pretty good! Having fun and being creative are the most important things, though, when learning something new! You said you had a great time, so that's what counts!