Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sewing room overhaul.

The past two nights I have been feeling strangely motivated! I decided to clean up my sewing room so that I am able to work in it. So often when I decide to do this, I only do a half-attempt, often becoming so overwhelmed by the amount of crafty stuff I have that I feel defeated before I even begin.

Not last night! Pulling everything out of the sewing room left a long trail of stuff through our tiny apartment. Jamie watched me work at a distance. I re-organised and re-packed all my gear, and here are the results:

Sam xox


  1. looks fantastic! I love it when I get the urge to just tiddy up.

    sad to hear about the quiltblog. i don't think we need to do anything with our posts, they will just not exist. Most of mine this past year have been shorter versions of my blogger posts so I am not going to worry about them.

    glad you got moved over here. cw

  2. Looks great, now if I could get the same motivation you had. Could you send me some? I too am sorry they are shutting down that blog. I never did go back but it was a nice blog and got me interested in blogging. I hope they all come over here.

  3. Your room looks great. Too bad about the quilt blog. It was such a closer knit group than here on Blogger cause it was a designated blog. I never did go back either but I thought of it.

  4. Looking good! My room needs a cleaning, but without a machine now, it breaks my heart to go in there... is what got me started with blogging, so it will hold a special place in my memory. I loved the closeness I felt with everyone there. Oh well. I've met some great people here on Blogger, too, and I'm so glad that we MQB folks were able to find each other over here.