Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ok, so four hours after my post about "How clean my house is" we had a plumbing disaster!

As the shower water was going down the drain IN the shower, it was coming OUT the bathroom floor drain, and right under the bathroom door, and into the hallway, lounge room, and bedrooms!


All our carpet is sodden with water, and we have used every towel in our possession in a vein attempt to lessen the damage. After a call the the building managers, we had an emergency plumber come who did clear out the blocked pipe. We had to knock on our neighbors doors to ask for fans to borrow, and we now have four pedestal fans blowing in every room of our apartment. Our wooden furniture is also precariously propped up using anything we could find (I am worried it might rot?!?). *sad face*

I now have 12 wet towels that need to be put through the wash, a house that looks like a bomb has gone off, and a cat who thinks this whole adventure has been a little bit too exciting.

Two positive thoughts though:
1) Leaked shower water actually smells very nice - must be all the body soap bubbles!
2) I am so grateful that during my cleaning spell today, I did not bother to mop the floors!

Sam xox


  1. Keep your feet dry and your chin up. Plumbing is the worst. Lane

  2. How awful but it could have been worse, my Mom always said that when something happened. I think your furniture will be fine as long as you keep it proped up till the carpet is dry.

  3. I hope it dries quickly. I agree with kwiltmakr, it could have been worse. One year for Thanksgiving we had about 20 guests for dinner and the day after, the toilets began backing up into the showers. UGH times 2! Could have been worse and happened while the guests were there, right?

  4. What a pain. We've had lots of plumbing disasters in our almost 37 years of marriage. I think your furniture will be okay too. Anything we've bought in the last few years seems to have some sort of repellant on it so as long as you don't let water sit on it, or let it sit in water, it's okay.

  5. We had two plumbing disasters in two weeks in my (newly finished) basement. Wouldn't you know that both times, the water leaked under my sewing room! I feel your pain!