Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bicycles and living greener.

I have had a very bicycle themed weekend!

Last night Jamie and I hosted a 'Tour de France' party at our home. We invited two couples over who we know are fans of the Tour. I cooked Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon, had Edith Piaf playing, and laid a table with white linen and candles. It was a fabulous evening with much talking and red wine. I honestly do not know how the French get anything done. The meal was delicious and coupled with a glass of wine, I was ready to fall asleep!

In an effort to live greener I am considering riding a bike to work when I begin my new job. My new office is fantastically close to home, literally a 10 minutes drive from my front door, and I am hoping there will be somewhere I could leave my bike safely during the day (perhaps in the office?).

I am in love with the cruiser step through styles of bike, especially ones with a retro feel to them. They are surprisingly comfortable to ride and not too heavy to handle. These two are my favourites, but I am leaning towards the first one (lucky for Jamie as it is much less $ than the second).

Sam xox


  1. both bikes look fun, can you test ride either before you decide?

  2. I have given the second one a little spin but we haven't been to the shop that sells the first! I have my fingers crossed it will be better :-) Sam xx

  3. Fantastic idea Sam!

    I like the look of the bikes too, very chic. Though I don't think you would be able to keep up with Jamie on his racer!

    Riding to work is fantastic, you feel so pumped when you arrive and everyone at your work will be impressed! But be careful, it can get very addictive!

  4. I really want Tony to buy me a Pashley, have you ever seen one? They're so beautiful and all hand-built in England. So expensive we'll never be able to afford one. A girl can dream!

  5. I love the first one, too, and if you put a basket on the front, you'll definitely look retro. I'd love to ride a bike to work, but it isn't feasible where I live, especially since I've got the two crumbsnatchers who also need a ride.