Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have a job.

My no-clothes pledge has hit a little bump...

As regular visitors will know, I have been a casual primary school teacher for a year and a half now. I do like teaching, but the lack of full time employment opportunities has become a huge drag on my self esteem, budget and home life. So over the last two months I have been quietly applying for full time jobs. Today I received a call offering me the job I interviewed for last week and so very much wanted! I will be working within the mental health care industry as a Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker. SO EXCITED! Full time work! Awesomely challenging and inspiring work! Oh yeah! And guess what? It is only 5 minutes from my house - 5 MINUTES! I have been driving a 2 and a half hour round trip to the school that I have worked at for the last year and a half, and the distance was killing me. Plus living much closer to my job will mean I can do exercise in the morning before work.

The catch - there is a certain kind of dress required, and not clothes that I used to teach in.
So. I. Will. Need. New. Work. Clothes. What does this mean for my no-clothes pledge?

You see, something I learnt as a teacher, when you do not have a specific uniform it is sooo important to have work clothes separate to what you wear on weekends, otherwise you still feel like you are at work.

Amended Pledge

* Work clothes may be purchased shops if necessary (for example work pants. My waist is a size smaller than my hips so it takes me forever to find pants that fit). Only work clothes to purchase: Long pants, shorts, and T-shirts.

* Any non-work outfit MUST be hand made. For example, skirts, dresses, sleepwear, swimmers, blouses, tops.

* I want to make myself some summer pajama pants. I have a pattern for boxer shorts and I want to extend the leg to 3/4 length for Spring.

* I want to start an exercise routine. Now I have a full time job I can have a routine. I will commit to swimming three mornings a week for an hour at a time, from 6:30am - 7:30am, still giving me over an hour to get ready for work.

* * * * * Now it really is the start of a new life * * * * *

Now I have a full time job, I really won't be able to laze around so much!

Sam xox


  1. Congratulations - please can I urge you to be gentle on yourself and not make too many rules, pledges etc as working full time is a big thing and time drain! I hope you make the rest of your life as easy as you can on yourself. (Voice of experience here - now ends the publiic service broadcast!)

  2. Hurray! Here in the US, getting a full time job can be difficult, and you did it! Working in mental health can be challenging as well as very rewarding--I hope you like your new job. Don't worry about the clothes shopping--after you're outfitted, you can go back on your no-clothes (I mean no-buy lol) diet, right?

  3. Way to go! I'm so pleased for you that you got a job you want so close to home. I have to agree with lalheg though, take it easy on yourself or you will find your self stressed by your own rules.

  4. congrats- amazing what working closer to home can do for the day. I know you will find that the skills you developed for the teaching position will come in extreamly useful in your new job. cw

  5. Many congrats! It sounds very rewarding. My OH works in mental health and loves it, though it can be tiring and emotional.

    You aren't breaking your rules, your new employer is, so have fun picking some new outfits!

  6. I'm so happy for you Sam! Having the job be close to home is a special bonus! Hope you don't get to busy that you forget us here in blogland!

  7. Congratulations! I'm also trying to do the "no buying clothes" thing, and I've made an exception for work clothes too :-) I hope you enjoy your new job.

  8. Ah that's awesome news! Congratulations! And so close to home, that is a huge bonus! Good re-work on the pledge. How can you be so keen to swim in the winter, heated pool perhaps?
    Well done

  9. Congratulations! I just started a new job and am faced with a similar dilemma of not really owning work clothes. Hope the job goes well, and thanks for visitig my blog.

  10. I've been really slack about reading blogs lately, so I'm late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news on so many fronts! And no problem buying work clothes at the thrift store. That's where I get the bulk of mine, and my co-workers are always commenting on how nicely I dress. Little do they know...