Friday, August 6, 2010

I've fallen on my feet.

Tonight marks the end of the second week in my new job. I absolutely love it. I have learnt so much during these last two weeks. I am working as a Support Worker in a community outreach role. We basically provide a service to help those living with a mental illness live in their homes independently. Most of my day is spent in the community, travelling to different people and supporting them to live independently. Every one of the people each teach me something every day, which I think is pretty amazing! It is a very special job.

The bonus, I am part of an awesome team that treat every person and challenge with respect and dignity - and seriously have a passion for their work! What more could I want?

Sam xox


  1. So glad you're enjoying your job. The first few weeks can be a bit scary sometimes, especially for me as I'm quite introverted.

    Your job sounds challenging, but well worth it by the sounds of it.

    Keep it up!

    Have a great weekend Sam

  2. I'm so glad your job is working out well, Sam. Having a job you love and awesome co-workers are things to be treasured. As well, the service you provide is unbelievably valuable to your clientele. Congratulations on week two!

  3. Sounds like you're a special person with the job you have. They're blessed to have you, quilting must be the relaxation you need. Hope you have a lovely weekend ;-)