Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sewing room.

Sunday night was spent giving my sewing room an overhaul! I had too much furniture in the room, and the shelves on top of my sewing table were becoming very oppressive! A 'quick' re-arrange of a few pieces of furniture around (and out of) the room has left me with a much more functional sewing space.

I now have space for both my machines on my table now, with room to spare.

I will tell you more about this beauty soon...

Sewing patterns.

I am seriously excited about the coming weekend. You see, I have taken some leave from work and Mill and I are getting together for a sewing triathlon. No, not three items of sewing, but three whole days of sewing! We will be spending three whole days and two nights together in a massive sewing marathon. I can't wait! My list of projects I fear may be more than even three days of sewing can handle! Will share my plans later this week.

Sam xox


  1. Sewing room looks great Sam ,enjoy your weekend .

  2. Gosh, the marathon sounds like a great idea!! I love that you have a bed in your sewing room, lol! Talk about eat, sleep and breathe sewing!
    It's so liberating having a sort out. Your room looks fab and I notice a few of your recent thrifts being put to great use....I've been doing the same over the past few days, and I feel so much the better for it.