Saturday, March 12, 2011

50th wedding anniversary cake.

Tonight we are having a family dinner to celebrate the upcoming 50th wedding anniversary of my dear Grandparents Colin and Roberta (Bobbie for short). For the occasion I decided to make a formal-style cake, complete with royal icing, Vienna cream, ribbon and lace trim, and handmade icing roses.

This was my first attempt at making such an elaborate cake. The cake is chocolate layered cake with Vienna cream in between the layers, on the top and around the sides. I then covered the cake in rolled Royal icing, which turned out very bumpy and torn in some parts. I dashed to the supermarket this morning and purchased another packet, and put another layer on the cake. This worked really well and now the bumpy bits are hardly noticeable.

Jamie helped me to make the icing roses. These are just made from some of the left over Royal icing kneaded with a few drops of yellow food colouring. I then arranged them, and with the left over yellow moulded the names.

I trimmed the cake with some thin yellow ribbon and some ivory lace and secured it with a few tiny dressmaking pins (I will be sure to warn people about these!).

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Nan and Pop! We love you both lots!!!

Sam xox


  1. What a lovely gift for your grandparents :-)
    Happy stithcing, P

  2. such a lovely cake! It looks beautiful, I love the colours you chose.

  3. that's a very spiffy cake! Congrats to them on 50 big ones. I love the quilt in your blog banner and I have that same pillow from IKEA. I also use mine with a quilt. So pretty together.

  4. Well done Sam!! It looks great, I don't think I could have done it :)