Sunday, April 17, 2011

Balcony make-over.

I took advantage of the beautiful autumn weather on Friday to do a spot of gardening. I thought I would share with you some photos from my balcony garden, and save my vegetable garden photos for later in the week.

I have a reasonably sized balcony that I love very much. I really don't think I would survive living in the city if I didn't have my own outdoor space where I could potter about and grow things. Our balcony space sort of makes an L shape around the side of our apartment, and is lined with pots of different size and colour.

Friday morning I took a trip to the local garden centre and picked up some plants suitable for the approaching winter months. These mostly included pansies and roses, my two favourite blooms (I think this comes from my English blood)!

I had to carry bags of potting mix and flowers up our (multiple) flights of stairs, but it was well worth the sore legs and achy back...

~ My favourite place to eat breakfast ~

~ My herb garden ~
~ My bulbs are sprouting ~
~ My dwarf lemon tree ~

~ Strawberry plant and a few rouge bulbs ~
~ Just in case you were concerned, Prada is wearing a 'tiny dog' sized body lead. This means we can let her out on the balcony to get some fresh air and sun, while preventing her from jumping onto (and god forbid over) the wall of our balcony ~

How does your garden grow? Are you like me and approaching the cooler months? Or are you finally seeing the sun again after months of snow?

Sam xox


  1. Its spring here; and a much warmer drier spring than recent years. I have been buying lots of plants, but desperately trying to resist planting too many seeds until May, just in case we get a late frost. I have started dahlias, nicotiana and morning glory inside, my personal favourites. Enjoy your autumn x

  2. We're finally seeing the sun! yay! the only downside is that it makes me miss having garden :( I'd love to at least have a balcony. It must be lovely to sit out there in the evening. Those roses are beautiful!
    Ashley x

  3. Hi Aurora, I know what you mean, I remember one year in England when it got really warm late March and all the bulbs came up, then it went cold again and killed them all off :-( Was sad! Glad you are feeling springy! Sam xox

  4. Ashley, it is very lovely. Do you have a little plot of land somewhere around the property? Perhaps there is a communal space you could dig up? Enjoy the sunshine hon! Sam xox

  5. Where I live in Canada we have had a Winter of snow and more snow, hopefully that is all now behind us. I have daffodils, violets, wind flowers now in bloom in my garden. April showers forecast today, they bring May flowers right?