Friday, April 22, 2011

My new vintage sewing machine.

Two weeks ago I won this vintage Pinnock sewing machine on eBay, for a whole $1.04!!!

The seller said she wasn't a sewer, so could not guarantee that the machine sewed, although she did say that when plugged in the needle moved up and down - which is a start! I haven't yet plugged it in to give it a go, but fingers crossed it stitches. I have found a website that offers the manual for sale, so that will be next on my list to buy, as I have no idea how to thread this thing!

The machine is in great condition, and comes complete with its original cabinet. The cabinet lid folds down and the machine rises up from inside. Once up, the sewer is able to open the cabinet door (which has cute shelves and a bobbin holder), and sit in it to sew.

From online reading this machine dates to the 50's or 60's. If anyone knows anything about these machines feel free to give me advise. My best $1.04 buy on eBay ever!

Sam xox


  1. That is a great buy! Looks in pretty good order too!

    Sorry cant help you with any information though.


  2. Hi Tania, Thanks! You gotta love ebay! Sam xox

  3. Wow, congrats you lucky thing! lol Fingers crossed it works :)
    Ashley x

  4. What a great find! Those old machines are wonderful. Maybe you can have a repair person look it over. Sounds like it runs, hooray!

  5. Can't help you either, but what a great buy.

  6. That is such a great buy. I hope it works.

  7. Oh my gosh! That is sooooo gorgeous! I'm sure you've googled everything you can and I have no knowledge of this maker at all. (Although this is quite interesting) -

    With regard to threading, as far as I know the way a machine is threaded hardly varies between machines, so I'm sure you'll be able to fathom that part out.

    I need to get me one of these. It's got a big red P on it. That's a valid reason to buy another machine right?!

  8. Fantastic Find! I like the little tape measure embedded in front of the machine.

  9. This machine is gorgeous - you are so lucky!

  10. What a fab bargain! Even if it doesn't sew, it looks pretttttyyy! x

  11. It's so pretty! I can't believe you got it for only $1.04. That is an insane deal. Even if it doesn't work, it'll still be beautiful to display in your home.

  12. What a fantastic machine, I've got a 60s Singer which I love but I have never seen one like yours before, I'm very jealous!

    Hi btw, I just found your blog and absolutely had to comment on this.

    xo Kirsty

  13. Hi Sam, I put a threading diagram on my blog
    Also, I know it's not the right manual, but there's a manual for a later model linked from my last post (today). As you've had the machine for two years now I assume you know how to thread it, but it all helps :-)