Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two cushions made.

You know those two cushion kits I purchased on Sunday? Well, they are BOTH now cushions on my couch! I made the Amitie one last night, and I have just finished putting the finishing stitches into the ‘Cloth’ one. I am so happy with how they both have turned out. And the best thing...? I have the patterns for both so now I can make many more!

The first cushion I will show you is the “Bound Patchwork Cushion” by Amitie. This cushion was too easy to make! What makes it so different from any other patchwork cushion I have made before is that it is bound – what this means is the edge is bound as you would bind a quilt, which has a great finishing effect.

Then I have the “Patched Cushion” by Cloth. As most of you know I am a very rigid quilter who loves to sew to a pattern. I love structure and predictability. So THIS cushion was a very interesting challenge for me! I played around with my design and this is what I came up with...

Notice even the stitching has no order!

Sam xox


  1. Beautiful job on the cushions. Very pretty! Karen

  2. Well you industrious little rascal!!!! :) They are both so very pretty!

  3. good for you, trying something new.
    Pillows are a neat way to try new ideas, if then you have a gift to give too.
    I like the idea of the binding- I may try that sometime.
    I would have split the back so the 'case' can be taken off to wash but I have a pretty messy bunch of rug-rats running around so there are a few spills here and there. be good cw

  4. The cushions turned out great. I do like to try something new just to keep me on my toes and to learn something else.

  5. Your cushions look great. Learning to do something new, keeps me from getting bored. Are they a gift for someone or for you?


  6. You did a great job. It's fun trying something new sometimes. The first one is beautiful but I like the interest factor in the cloth one.

  7. Hi Sam, cute cushions. Love the patches one!