Saturday, September 5, 2009

A love of vintage china.

I discovered the most amazing antiques shop in Manly the other week. The shop is massive and there is just so much stuff inside it’s not funny! Most of their collection is also reasonably priced. Jamie and I took a day trip up north a few weeks ago when I stumbled across this shop. I purchased this cute sandwich serving plate.

Coincidentally, I have been looking on eBay for tea cup trios, and found one I loved, that was being sold by this same antiques shop. So I saved on postage and picked it up after work on Thursday. It is a Royal Doulton and was only $10.

I now have two Royal Doulton trios, this is my other

While I was picking the trio up I spotted these four cute little bowls.

I also purchased these two saucers for only $3 from eBay also, my aim is to eventually display my blue and white plates on the wall. I just have to find some plate hanging wires...

My tea set is beginning to grow.

This is my display hutch now after a little bit of a tidy up! Mill, I know you are missing from the frame, but you know where that photo is!

Sam xox


  1. I love your collection of china, the patterns are beautiful. When I was married in 1960, I was given a "Cup & Saucer" shower. I received 24 of the most beautiful c&s most of them Royal Doulton and each one was different. They are still displayed in my china cabinet. I use them quite often. Patricia

  2. Very nice. I love the blue and white, my favorite. The sandwich serving tray is a beauty.

  3. lovely, just lovely. good to hear from you. cw

  4. Vintage China is addicting! Believe me, I've ended up with cabinets of the stuff! And, I still love every piece as much as I did the day I bought it. Lane

  5. Ah ha! Another addictive personality. I used to collect teapots but now that I have started patchwork - I collect material! I have probably collected about 130 teapots - but I still love them - especially the art deco ones. Debi