Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas craft.

In keeping with tradition, Mill and I make a Christmas decoration each year. Mill began this tradition and in 2007 I decided to adopt (copied) her idea.

My first decoration was a paper bell which I coloured in whilst on a teaching prac. I thought this was kind of lame at the time (and a massive cop-out against the tradition of handcrafter heirlooms) but this Christmas I was so grateful I had made that paper bell, because it reminds me of being on prac (especially the early years when I would come home to Mill and tell her all about my crazy day at school!).

In 2008 Mill taught me to make felt stars and I made one as my 2009 decoration.

This year I followed the 'copy Mill' tradition and made the same decoration. Maybe we could all do this each year? The same decoration?

So drum roll please..........

My 2009 Christmas Bell. Yes I knitted it myself! Complete with knitted dangly bit in the middle!

A little snap shot of my loungeroom decorations.

I look forward to what Christmas 2010 will bring...

Sam xox

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