Monday, February 8, 2010

Reflecting on family.

I have been reflecting on what 'family' means. I have done up one wall in our loungeroom. I have covered it in photos from both Jamie and my families. Photos of Jamie's mum as a child, my mum as a child, even my great grand parents wedding photo!

It reminds me every day that family is who we love.

Sam xox


  1. This looks great, I think it is important to have the ones we love around us.
    I started a love board in our hall way and let the grandkids pin their photos and drawings on it. Really brightens my day to see it when I leave the bedroom to start my day. cw

  2. Great idea! Mine is my refridgerator - I should probably formalize it a bit, but at least I see those family photos a lot since I am constantly getting into the fridge. :)