Saturday, February 20, 2010

Husband's accident.

This has been one stressful week!

I got a call on Tuesday saying Jamie had been in a bike accident and was on his was to emergency! My husband loves bike riding. He is a road bike rider and does all sorts of rides, 200km rides, bunch rides, races. Tuesday afternoon he was racing at an organised event on a circuit in a local park (safe from cars!). He took a corner too hard and came off onto the concrete going 45km an hour! (ouch!)

I made it to the hospital before he arrived. It was pretty upsetting, blood all over him, he was concussed, and in shock. They put him in a neck brace as a precaution but after the xrays were all clear he was able to come out of it. He has hurt his hip also, and is walking using a crutch.

He ripped massive chunks off his right hand, I could see the bone. His right shoulder and hip both have hand sized burns from the concrete, and needless to say the clothes he was wearing are now ribbons. His helmet is broken (but man did it do its job!).

I left the hospital at 3am Wednesday as he had to stay the night. I came home and called Mill - the only person I knew who I could call at 3:30am my time and not be angry - for once I appreciated her living in a different time zone! I was back at 8am when he went into surgery for his hand. The operation went smoothly. He had an 80% severed tendon they repaired, and they cleaned his wounds. He was able to come home on Wednesday night. Since then we have been to the hand therapist to check his wounds and re-split his hand.

He is doing really well. I took a few days off work to look after him - there is not a whole lot you can do with one hand (especially when its your left!). He can't make a sandwich, play xbox, or make a coffee. But he can use a computer, so he is happy.

Here is my darling husband after visiting the hand therapist. He was very happy because he reckons the way its bandaged makes it look like he is giving the world 'the finger'. I laughed and said yes you are, but I can do it with my finger too... and then bend it back down.

Sam xox


  1. He is a lucky boy, he could be in much worse condition.
    My DH has "arthur" in his left wrist, hand and fingers, its all swollen and he can't use it at all.
    Hope he is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is terrible, but he's fortunate he didn't get worse. I'm sure it will be painful for awhile, but the hand therapy will do wonders for him.

  3. so glad he had his helmet on, this could have been way worse. next time tell him it is better to come in last and alive, then not finish on a stretcher- be careful.

  4. I am glad he is OK. I have been there so I know what you are going through. My hubby was in surgery over 6 hours and spent 6 months recuperating.

  5. That doesn't sound like much fun. He is very lucky that he didn't get a head injury as well. Hope that hand is going to heal ok.

  6. Oh, Poor Jamie. I'm sending good thoughts for a fast recovery. Lane

  7. OK, I'm catching up after a long time of not reading blogs. How scary for you and Jamie! I'm glad to see from your more recent posts that he has recovered.