Saturday, February 20, 2010

My 'No Chintz' quilt top.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments about Jamie!

Let me introduce you to a very cute shop I discovered in Sydney recently. No Chintz is a shop that is exactly as it sounds, it sells textiles and soft-furnishings with No Chintz in sight! Click on the name above to take a peak!

Their fabric is beautiful, cotton and very thick. But it is also a bit pricey (for my budget!). They had baskets of off-cuts and remnants for sale, so I dug through and found two bundles, each costing only $5! I couldn't believe my luck because they were very nice pieces that actually matched (you know how sometimes you buy a bundle and there are only a few pieces that are actually usable?).

I sewed them together today and this is what I came up with...

I am really happy with the scrappy look it has, but I feel that it could be a little bigger. I have used up all the scraps, so I don't know what to do. I am thinking of going back to No Chintz and picking up some cheaper plain fabric to use as a boarder - only because the way this fabric is woven is very thick and it is unlike anything I have been able to find before in Sydney. At least with a boarder it will be a good size to use as a throw rug this winter.

You thoughts?

Sam xox

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  1. I like that. Never would have thought of it as a rug, tho, but it will make a nice one. Maybe no chintz will have another bundle that will go with it, but I also agree a nice border to frame it. Lane