Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here is my vegetable garden.

I spent most of the weekend digging a veggie garden. I have to be honest - I am so sore now! If you're keen to make your own veggie patch, here are my simple tips:

The first step is to dig up all the bricks and builders rubbish that is buried under the soil! Thats right, I dug up a dozen bricks from this patch of dirt. I think over time it has just been used as a dumping ground for odd bits of rubbish. I was able to use the bricks on some of the bricked boarders.
Second step, dig lots and lots of cow manure and compost through the soil to get it nice and fertile.
Third step, you will need to decide on your veggie gardens layout. When building the plots, make sure it is not too big! You should be able to reach all areas of your plot without having to get into it :-)
Now the fun part begins - plant your veggies! Make sure you are buying veggies that are in season for planting, and suit your climate. Plant your veggies following the instructions on the punnets.

Keep watering and monitoring for pests, and in a couple of months you will have a mass of fresh produce!

Sam xox


  1. I can taste the veggies now! I will have to plant some soon, it is a bit early for here yet.

  2. How very cool! The kids and I planted some last week - I hope they actually produce this year. We plant nearly every year, but I'm such a hands-off gardener; if it needs to be tended, I might as well forget about it.