Saturday, October 9, 2010

A night under the stars.

I haven't mentioned this earlier, but I have had my 10 year old brother Jack staying with me for the past two weeks (I will explain why in a later blog). To celebrate the end of his two week stay, I decided to surprise him with a trip to the Sydney Observatory. I had been there once before, so I knew how awesome the night tour was. Last night was no different.

We got to watch a few short 3D videos about different aspects of space, and got to relax on bean bags and watch a planetarium display. The climax of the evening was the tour of the two domes that house the telescopes (on of which is a classification A artifact - the same rating given to the Mona Lisa in Paris)!

We were able to look through the telescope and guess what we saw...

Jupiter and two of her moons!

It looked pretty much like this:

Space is so very cool!

Sam xox

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  1. You are a wonderful big sister! What a treat for Jack to go to the observatory with you. At 10 years old, I hope he's not too old to be amazed at the wonders of our old Earth and can still be amazed.