Saturday, June 13, 2009

A previous post from 4th December 2007.

It is Tuesday morning here in Australia. What a storm we had yesterday evening!!! You know you live in Australia when it can thunderstorm and your still wearing t-shirt, shorts and thongs (thongs as in flip flops.... not the other ones Americans refer to! haha!).

Here is a picture of the quilt top which I am currently hand quilting.

The pattern is from an old Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I love it because of its vintage fabrics! My dear friend Mill helped me with the layout of the puss-in-the-corner blocks. Half of the fabric was given to me by my Jamie's mum (the lovely lady who is responsible for getting me hooked on quilting! Much to Jamie's dismay!) so I was very lucky to be able to collect such a variety of fabrics, as my stash isnt quite that big yet....

Today I think I will keep on with my sewing, tomorrow I will finish paper piecing my Nan's Xmas present (I am making her a quilt to hang on her wall). I made one for my Mum last year and Nan keeps saying how lovely it is, so I have taken the hint and am making her one. She has no idea though so I am looking forward to seeing her reaction when she unwraps it on Christmas day! I have a feeling it is going to be a hot and humid Christmas Day this year.

Sam xox


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